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Nobody’s Fault by Terry Tyler

Nobody's FaultNobody’s Fault by Terry Tyler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well-paced, gripping and realistic, Nobody’s Fault is a kitchen-sink drama with a twist. At the start, I was puzzled by the apparently unrelated stories of Adrienne et al & Sharon and friends, but the story unfolded well & wove together effortlessly.

At the start of the book, I found Adrienne a little bit stereotyped – her apparent ditziness & ideas on life felt a bit hackneyed – but by the end of the story she felt much more like a well-rounded, believable character.

Adrienne’s journey felt real & I really empathised with her. I was a bit disappointed that after playing such a pivotal role in the story, Sharon was discarded without so much as a by your leave. The way she was written made it seem as the writer thought she was pitiable, which was a real shame.

Overall it was a good read, though, and well-crafted.

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